Yeast Rolls

Ingredients                 By Weight                         By Volume

Yeast                        3 oz                                    12 packages
Sugar                        6 oz                                      1 cup
Powdered milk          4 oz                                 1 1/4 cup
Salt                           1 oz                                      2 tablespoons
Baking soda             (A few dashes)
Shortening                 6 oz                                      1 cup
Eggs                         4 Eggs
Flour                        4 Pounds                             11 cups
Water                       1 Quart (vol.)

  Put all the dry ingredients (including the yeast and  powdered milk) in a bowl and add the eggs and water.  Mix this til it becomes a dough ball. Knead til it feels like dough and sprinkle with flour so it's not sticky. Let it rise in a warm place, punch it down and let it rise again. Then bake at 400 til rolls are yellowish brown on top.
Makes 60 rolls. You can make bread with the same recipe of course. I got this from a chef in Fairbanks, Ak. These are really good .