Hot Smoked Salmon
Salmon filets
Brown sugar

 With a pair of long nosed pliers, pull out the small bones in the filet. Make sure the filets are free of scales. Cut them into approximately 6 inch lengths. Mix the brown sugar and salt in a one-to-one ratio. I cut the lid off the salt box and after emptying it fill it again with the sugar.Put a layer of the salt/sugar mixture in a non-metallic pan or shallow container.Lay the filets on top of this layer skin down. Cover the salmon completely with the mixture and let it sit 40 minutes or until it seems it will not draw out any more liquid from the filets.Remove the salmon and wash thoroughly and pat dry with a towel. Rinse out the pan ,dry it, and repeat the same process again.
 The above curing process flavors the salmon and removes enough liquid so that it won't be soft when smoked.The actual smoking is in fact grilling for about 30 to 35 minutes over a smoky grill. I use fallen pecan limbs from the trees in my yard. If you can't close the lid on your grill keep some water nearby to dowse any flames that blaze up.
 When done wrap the filets in aluminum foil and put them in the fridge.They will keep 4 or 5 days but seldom stay that long before being eaten.
 The quantities of salt and brown sugar depend on the amount of salmon. If you discover you don't have enough you'll have time to go get some more while the first curing is taking place.
 I learned this recipe in Fairbanks,Ak.